Motherhood is full of surprises. Isn’t it? Instead of endless snuggles and cheeky grins, your baby is often irritable, sleep deprived and unsettled. Maybe they have unexplained rashes, or they’re spitting up after every feed. Maybe they have crazy blow-out nappies, or they’re simply not putting on enough weight. As a mum, you know something’s up…

Because the truth is, babies aren’t supposed to have colic, reflux, eczema or allergies.

Your child shouldn’t be getting sick so often, or have a constant runny nose or frequent ear infections.  In fact they shouldn't have a weak immune system altogether. And they definitely shouldn’t be screaming their heads off, not eating or staying up all-night.

It really doesn’t have to be this way. You and your child don’t have to just put up with it, or try and ride it out one more, tough day after another…

So many of these issues that our children suffer from can be traced back to the food they’re consuming (or that you’re consuming, if you’re breastfeeding a baby).

This is actually GREAT news, because a change of diet is something that’s so achievable, so simple, so effective, and so much more preferable than a lifetime of possible medications and ‘just getting by’.

Yet if you rock up to your practitioner with a child suffering with eczema, asthma or reflux, they may not even ask about diet, and instead prescribe medications to manage the symptoms.

Even if your little one has a full-blown food allergy, you’re generally advised to just eliminate that food and reintroduce it at the next scheduled ‘challenge’.

Where’s the talk of WHY they’ve got an allergy (or reflux, asthma or eczema) in the first place? Or how we can heal them, rather than just manage the symptoms medically?

As a mum, you want to do everything possible to help your child, and explore all the different options to get them get better, especially the ones that are completely safe and non-invasive – the #1 example being food.


If you’re sick and tired of seeing your little one in distress, and want to learn simple, affordable, EFFECTIVE ways to improve their health, overcome their sensitivities and get them thriving, you’ve come to the right place…


This life-changing online course can help you:

  1. IDENTIFY the food and lifestyle triggers that are causing your child to have these subtle, uncomfortable symptoms and allergic reactions. Sometimes its not as obvious as you think!
  2. Show you how to ELIMINATE them from you and your child’s diet and environment, so that they can finally have some rest and relief (and you can too!) plus get all the nutrients they need.
  3. Then give you a bunch of quick, easy-to-implement, and affordable strategies to help you HEAL their little body from the inside out. (This final step is super important, and accounts for the bulk of the course content – I’ll explain why in a minute!)

Identify, eliminate, heal – that’s the nutshell version. (Or the ‘how to explain it to your husband’ version!)

So basically, whether your child has multiple food allergies and blow out symptoms or just a minor case of colic or constipation, you’ll have a better idea of what’s causing the issue and how to reduce it – and maybe even stop it in its tracks.

Here are the amazing TOOLS you get:

I know that as a mum, time and brain-space are at a premium. So I’ve filled this program with as many practical, useful, done-for-you tools as possible, so that you don’t even have to think.

Inside this program, you’ll find:

A collection of allergy-friendly, wholefood recipes that are full of nutrients, fast to cook, and easy to prepare. Get access to 100 allergy-friendly, budget-friendly, no-stress recipes to make breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner a (symptom-free) cinch. And most recipes are one-pot meals, after all there's the washing up to consider. All the recipes are dairy, soy and wheat free and 95% are egg, peanut and tree-nut free.

PLUS grab my:

— Best-Ever BIRTHDAY PARTY GUIDE! How to throw an allergy-friendly, birthday party (including recipes, tips, step by step prep guide, and the yummiest DF, SF, EF, WF/GF, NF birthday cake EVER!)

— Yummy allergy friendly lunchbox recipes plus ideas for when you’re out and about or travelling.

— Quick-start guide on how to make bone broths and ferment your own food – essential for kick starting the healing process (and so much easier than you think.)

Done-for-you meal plans that grow and evolve WITH your baby. With a restrictive diet, it can be tricky to provide your baby or child with all the nutrients their growing body needs. But I’ve got you covered, with three nutritionally balanced, 7-day meal plans that take the hard work, (and overwhelm) out of your cooking.

— Meal Plan 1. (Baby) Basics: The key basic recipes that are perfect for sensitive bub's that are on solids, PLUS how to adapt these meals for growing babies, toddlers and older children.

— Meal Plan 2. Self-Feeders: Full of finger-friendly, allergen-free foods for independent eaters. Perfect too for outings, parties and school lunch boxes.

— Meal Plan 3. Transition Time: A meal plan that integrates allergy-friendly infant food into family dinners, so you’re doing less cooking, and everyone’s getting fed the nutrition they need.

PLUS food swap cheat sheets, pantry staples and shopping lists, cooking guides, time saving tips, fact sheets, checklists and so much more.

You also get exclusive access to these leading industry experts:


B Medical Science, Adv Dip Naturopathy; Dip Nutrition; ATMS Post Grad Cert Nutritional Medicine SWIN

On managing allergies, intolerances & elimination diets


Author of Milk Matters

On milk feeding & allergies


Director at The Autism & Gut Centre B. App. Sci,  PhD in Molecular Pathology, Nutrition Diploma, Certified GAP nutritionist, Certified Nutrigenomist, MINDD practitioner and member of the IICT and a SNTR, Scientist.

On gut health & the immune system


Nutrionist, Nutrigenomist, & Food Scientist

On creating a balanced diet (with allergies)


BSc MND Dip. Sci P. Grad Dip. Bot. Med. Accredited Practising Dietician

On probiotics, supplements & the role of modern medicine



On finding the right practitioner


Food Intolerance Network Founder & Author of the Failsafe Cookbook

On the impact of food chemicals & how to avoid


B.Pharm, Dip Bot Med, MAPS Certified Practitioner

On natural skin care and reducing the toxic load


Author, Speaker, Editor & Creator of Happy Mama Media

On looking after mum


Naturopath & Author of the Well Nourished Lunchbox

On managing allergies outside the home


Owner of Kultured Wellness

On immune boosting strategies and staying on track

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That’s not all, here’s what else you’ll learn…


Module 1:


  • We delve into what you need to know about allergies and intolerances, and the obvious and not-so-obvious symptoms to look out for.
  • How to manage an elimination diet, including how to work out what’s an immediate or a delayed food reaction so you can correctly identify food triggers (without going insane).
  • Get my super useful guide ‘Which foods when for the allergic infant’, to make introducing solids less baffling and as safe as possible.
  • Don’t get caught accidentally consuming a trigger food and then suffering the consequences. Find out where common allergens are hiding with our handy checklists. (You won’t believe the crazy ways that eggs and dairy can sneak into your diet!)

Module 2:


  • Find out the pioneering research (backed by science) that illustrates what true health comes down to – the gut microbiome.
  • Learn what gut health actually means, and the link between the gut and allergies – including what makes a healthy gut, how it impacts the immune system, and the connection to irritability and overall health.
  • Find out the everyday foods and habits that are damaging your baby’s gut health and how to easily swap them out.
  • Get your baby’s gut sorted: whether they’re breast or formula feeding, or on solids, you’ll find all the simple strategies you need to kick-start the healing process and restore the good bacteria in their body.
  • Grab the best, yet easiest gut healing recipes that you can start preparing today and have your baby covered for the week.

Module 3:


  • Learn how to optimise nutrition, genetics and gut health to ensure your child’s early progression out of their allergies and eczema.
  • Confidently prepare meals that are packed with the right amounts of quality protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy bone, brain and cell development.
  • Find out the common nutrient deficiencies in babies and kids today, the symptoms to look out for, tips for avoiding them, and how to add them to your meals.
  • Avoid the common mistakes many of us make when it comes to preparing wholefoods, so you can maximise nutritional absorption (and minimise painful irritability).
  • Learn the simple, affordable nutrient-dense add-ons to pump up the quality of your baby’s meals in seconds.

Module 4:


  • Get the insider info on the world of supplements, including how they differ to medications, and the best way to use both modalities to protect and heal your baby.
  • What are probiotics, can they really help eczema and allergies and should your baby take them?  And how to do it!
  • Is your baby getting enough calcium, iron, essential fatty acids, and zinc? Is their restrictive diet preventing them from getting crucial nutrients and can supplements help?
  • Discover some of the best supplements on the market, which brands to use (and which to avoid), where to get them, and how to give them to your child.

Module 5:


  • Find out if holistic and complimentary practitioners are for you, and how they may be able to fast-track your baby’s journey to health and well-being.  
  • How to create your own support team – even if you’re on a budget.
  • Holistic Therapies 101 – from naturopathy to homeopathy and everything in between, discover how each can help your baby and how to choose between them!
  • Learn when to rely on modern medical treatments, and how to avoid compromising your baby’s immune system.

Module 6:


  • The lowdown on additives – what they are, why they’re used, and how they can be affecting your baby’s health.
  • Discover the worst additives for health (including some that are so toxic, they’ve been banned in multiple countries – but not Australia).
  • Find out what seductive marketing terms like ‘natural colours’ and ‘natural flavours’ really mean, and why you won’t go near them again.
  • The busy mum’s guide to decoding food labels: how to understand them, what to look out for, and how manufacturers try to trick you into thinking their products are healthy.
  • Discover the little-known app that will help you buy chemical-free products and protect your baby’s health while out and about.

Module 7:


  • The average home is FILLED with items and products containing hormone-disrupting, carcinogenic toxins. Learn what to look out for and how to reduce your child’s exposure to dangerous chemicals.
  • Skin is the largest organ of the body, and what goes on it goes straight into the blood stream. Chemicals in soap, laundry detergent, skin creams and powders can have many toxic ingredients that should be avoided. Learn the biggest offenders that could be causing a reaction and the great alternative swaps.
  • Discover the quick wins that will lower your family’s toxic load overnight.

Module 8:


  • No one in your household can thrive if you, mama, are tired, depleted, and running on empty. Which is why we have a section all about you.
  • Follow these ridiculously easy strategies to make you feel less reactive and more like you again – even if you’re stressed, run off your feet, and barely have time to shower.
  • Getting your partner on side: how to work with them (not against them), how to ask for support, and how to problem solve together.
  • “Why are you so over the top about what your child eats?!” How to deal with opinionated people, how to minimise conflict, and how to communicate your baby’s needs to family and friends (without getting upset or emotional).

Module 9:


  • Learn how to easily create a balanced, tasty (allergy-friendly) lunchbox for your child (even if you’re short on time and energy).
  • Get my savvy guide to staying allergy-friendly when travelling, flying and road tripping, so you don’t have to miss out (or go hungry) again.
  • Preparing your baby for day-care or pre-school – including how to communicate with carers to ensure compliance for allergies, plus how to not freak yourself out!
  • Becoming an independent cook: taking your allergy-friendly cooking to the next level, how to improvise on recipes, and my genius replacements for egg, sugar, and wheat/gluten.

Module 10:


  • Building your knowledge base: the must-read books, must-see documentaries, and must-follow bloggers and science gurus to keep you up to date and on track.
  • Case studies: Explore success stories from other mums who’ve experienced tremendous transformations with their babies. Find out their go-to meals, their lessons learned, and what they wish they’d known earlier.
  • Start to enjoy family meals with my allergy friendly meal plan and recipes the whole family will enjoy from baby to dad.  This is where cooking gets really smart and you feel like super proud.

And on top of all that, YOU GET SUPPORT.

We all know it takes a village to raise a child, yet so many mums feel more alone and isolated than ever, especially those with allergies.

One of the biggest goals of this course is to BE YOUR VILLAGE, which is where our private Facebook group comes in.

As part of the program, you’ll get lifetime access to this supportive online community of mums, where you can ask questions, get ideas, seek feedback, share the highs and lows, and make lifelong connections. Basically, it allows us to raise our kids together.

This is truly one of the most valuable components of the program. Having a group that’s always there for you, and who can genuinely say, ‘I get it, and I’m here for you’ is an absolute game changer.


…So that you can ask questions and get instant, informed feedback.

Never again will you feel alone, silly, without answers, or isolated. (Not on my watch!)


—  You get to work at your own pace.

And in the comfort of your own room. (You can even wear your pyjamas!)

—  The materials are yours for life.

So don’t worry about “keeping up” with the group. And you can come back for a refresher whenever you need to.

—  Everything’s designed for the busy mum.

I am NOT going to make you read a tonne of info, or watch an hour-long video everyday. I know your time is precious, so I’ve taken my years of research and experimentation, and distilled it down into actionable steps that you can implement with no fuss and no stress today.

—  This stuff will save you time and energy.

How much time do you spend at the moment, worrying about your little one and trying desperately to figure out what to feed them? I can help you skip all the guess work, and go straight to what actually works. I’ll also be showing you how to make these new foods and techniques part of your daily routine – so that in no time, it will all be second nature. Not to mention, over time, you’ll be able to enjoy your baby more as they feel better.

—  It’s all budget friendly.

No fancy ingredients that need to be shipped in from Peru, and no crazy superfood fads, I promise. In fact, the tips and tricks I share will help you decrease your weekly shopping bill, use the produce you buy more effectively, and minimise wastage…it’s a total win-win!

—  And it’s all presented in a way that makes the whole journey enjoyable and as simple and straightforward as possible.

Making these kinds of changes to your family’s diet and lifestyle does not need to be complicated! I know how scary it can be to step outside your comfort zone, but when you combine the easy-to-understand materials with the practical guides and the ongoing support, this really is the simplest way to improve your child's health for life, and ensure they are happy, robust and vibrant. (And by the way, these benefits reach further than your little one. There’s an excellent chance your whole family will benefit from this life-changing program.)

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My money-back guarantee

The info and strategies in this program are truly life changing, and I don’t want you to feel any hesitations about making this investment in your family’s health and future.

So, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with the value you find inside, I’ll refund your entire purchase price straight up – no questions asked.

All you’ll need to do is email me or my team after going through just two of the modules. If you're not in LOVE we’ll then refund your $$ as soon as possible.

(That’s how much I want this info in the hands of as many mums as possible, and that’s how confident I am that you’ll find serious value inside.)

A little about me and my son's allergy journey…

I’m Sharon Selby. Wife, mum of two boys and passionate advocate for women’s and children’s health. I started specialising in children’s allergies and intolerances when my youngest child, Cooper struggled with reflux, eczema, constipation and sleepless nights.

With my experience in nutrition, I’d previously used wholefoods to overcome my own health issues, so I used my knowledge to help Cooper.

Due to his multiple food allergies and intolerances, It was advised that Cooper go on a low salicylate and aimine diet, as well as avoid his major triggers that were dairy, soy, egg and wheat.

I took to Google to try and find good allergy-friendly weaning foods. But almost every recipe I found contained the no-go ingredients.

I also didn’t want to go down the “processed foods” route, as I didn’t want to pump my son full of foods that were technically safe to eat, but had zero nutritional value.

I finally developed a series of nourishing recipes that were healthy and didn’t set off a reaction. See all along, I knew that eliminating the trigger foods was only the first step…

To me, the most important thing was to heal his little body.

I wanted him to actually get better (not just to stop reacting).

…I also wanted him (and me) to be able to start enjoying life and that meant eating a variety of foods sooner rather than later.

I focused diligently on his diet, eating highly nutrient-dense foods that healed his digestive tract and boosted his immune system. With the advice of practitioners we got help with supplements and changed over all our skin care and cleaning products to reduce the chemical load at home.

After a few months, his sensitivity to all fruit and vegetables subsided, his reflux disappeared, and the eczema – which was once itchy, raw and bloody – became beautiful, smooth skin. And finally, too, came the SLEEP.

With every step forward, the stress and anxiety I had felt constantly began to melt away.

After a year, Cooper was thriving – reaching 93% in the growth charts, feeding like a champ, and on zero meds. His clinginess had been replaced with a sense of adventure, and his irritability by smiles and cheekiness.

By 18 months, Cooper outgrew all his allergies and sensitivities and is no longer on a restricted diet.  He's like any other kid now and can eat anything he wants.  If I let him! He still can't have juices or fake, crazy, chemically-laced coloured foods...but that's our choice. As a family we can now let loose, socialise and attend birthday parties and even take trips away.  It's so liberating after what we went through.

The change in him was so profound, I knew I had to get this information into as many hands (and tummies!) as possible – for the sake of our little ones, our families, and our sanity! 

During this time I came across so many mums facing similar issues, all trying desperately to help their children… and all feeling alone, isolated, and like they were facing the uphill battle of their lives.  

It was then I realised I needed to start sharing our journey, so I could help as many mums as possible who were struggling with the same problems.  

So… here it is: 35 days of easy-to-follow instructions, so you can avoid wasting time and jump straight to the answers and actions you can take immediately.

I want every mum to feel empowered about her child’s health.

Because we really CAN make a difference.


Ready to join us?

The entire program is yours for only $189 USD

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This program is for you if:

✓ You’re the mother of a child aged 0-5 years.

✓ Your child is struggling with health complaints, such as:

— Colic

— Reflux

— Eczema

— Asthma

— Frequent infections like re-occuring ear infections

— Constipation, diarrhoea and other digestive issues and diseases

— Food allergies and intolerances

— Sleep disturbances

— Irritability and extended periods of unsettledness and night wakings or poor sleep

— Any other health complaint at all, really!

— Or your child is perfectly fine and you just want access to the amazing recipes and lifestyle tips for optimum health

✓ You might also be breastfeeding (or trying to breastfeed) and need help navigating a restricted diet without starving yourself!

✓ You’ve been struggling to find recipes that meet your baby’s needs without setting off their reactions. You’d LOVE to have someone else do the thinking and planning for you, so that you can focus on taking care of your child (not stressing out about what to feed them next).

✓ You’re interested in wholesome foods, holistic health, and natural solutions.

✓ You want to get to the root cause of your baby’s health issues and heal them properly, not just treat the symptoms.  

And this is not for you if:

✗ You’re not prepared to get in the kitchen and do some cooking.
Nothing in this program is tricky (and there are step-by-step instructions for everything), so rest assured: you DON’T need to be Nigella. But you DO need to be okay with a little time spent cooking nourishing meals for your child.

✗ You’re not open-minded about your baby’s health. This path to healing isn’t for everyone. Much of the information you’ll find in here is based on passed-down traditions, looking at the body as a whole, and a return to a more natural way of living and eating. If this kind of holistic approach doesn’t appeal to you, that’s totally fine… but I’m probably not the mum for you, and I wish you every success on your healing journey.

✗ You expect results straight away.  The journey to good health doesn’t happen overnight and everyone’s journey is unique. While Cooper’s sleep improved within a couple of weeks, it took me months to get over his reflux, eczema and allergies.  But we DID get over them without having to resort to any medications and it did happen far quicker than I expected.  Most egg allergies are overcome by 3 – 5 years.  For Cooper it took 16 months. So it’s important to be patient and treat every new step as a learning experience.

Here's how the course works:

— The course is available and ready to start as soon as you’ve made the payment.  An email will be sent to you with the login details, along with the first module. You’ll also get a link at the same time to join the private Facebook group. It’s that easy!

—  You get 10 modules of content, delivered over 5 weeks. You’ll receive an email reminder every Monday and Thursday for the duration of the course to let you know that the new module has landed in the member’s portal.

—  The materials are yours to download and keep forever. … so there’s zero stress if have to be away or you have things on. Each module has an expert practitioner interview and complimentary materials to implement the suggestions easily.

And hear what past students have to say…

“I am so blessed that I get to learn so much about improving my son’s health even if it meant having to go through a lot with him to get here. I have also been dairy and gluten free for the last 4 days and I feel great for it. Thank goodness for your recipes. It's been amazing sharing this with my husband too who is so fascinated and I know it will help us make some real changes together. He actually said "this is the best money you have ever spent! xox”  Lauren H.

“Doing Sharon's ecourse has been nothing short of amazing! I love having access to this material for life and having Sharon's personal support throughout the course is just brilliant. She truly, sincerely cares and understands what we go through as mamas, and she has put together the most fantastic practitioners to share invaluable information. I am beyond grateful that I have been able to recognise the symptoms now and know which foods are creating those symptoms in my daughter.”  Bianca L.

“Loving the eCourse Sharon…where have you been all my life!!”   Jenny N.

“My gorgeous son now enjoys oranges, which he LOVES!! He eats lots of avocado too and coconut yoghurt. All very high in salicylates which prior to bone broth and this eCourse he couldn't tolerate (resulted in aggressive eczema all over his body and hives) and he wouldn't eat or try them. I'm so pleased and my problem now is hiding the oranges!! Thanks Sharon Selby.”  Lauren H.

“I just bought a big freezer and I'm on my way to the health food shop and the butcher!! I'm so excited about spending my weekend cooking healthy foods for my family. Thank you Sharon! In such a small amount of time you have made such a big difference in my family's lives & our future.”  Jasmine V.

“Hi Sharon, I've just gotten around to watch the videos and view the content and I LOVE it! Such a comprehensive compilation of useful resources to help us mammas out. Thank you!”  Derya K.

“My son is now so well. I think this is having an impact even after little time... he was on a good trajectory before as we were attempting things like this but not with all the right information... but today he is seriously glowing and really enjoying the food! To think I used to have a child that only wanted breastmilk and didn't want any food for months and months and constant reactions and issues... poo diaries, hives, severe eczema, weight loss etc etc... you wouldn't recognise this kid!”   Lisa H.

“Loved the interview with Dr Heather Way in Module 2. It’s so good to hear about the health possibilities for our children.  Just loving this course.”  Nicola M.

“The recipes in this course have been a huge game changer. They’re delicious and make you feel good and alive. The changes I have been able to make in my home and lifestyle have made a beautiful difference in our family already! Sharon you are wonderful and your mission to help mamas and our bubs is beautiful! Thank you for all you do and have done to make this course available!”  Bianca L.

"Sharon Selby you really went above and beyond for this course, especially when it comes to the guest speakers...they are the absolute cream of the crop in their respective fields! Each of them has so much knowledge, are highly professional and most importantly give realistic, doable advice. I'm so grateful we have lifelong access to this course as Ill always refer to it. The recipes have also been amazing and so easy to make. Even my fussiest eaters love them I’d buy a recipe book from you in a heartbeat!" Amanda A.

"Sharon's recipes are fantastic! I have made quite a few so far from the course and all of them have been easy to make and my whole family have loved them. My favourite has to be the Incredible Hulk Green Pesto. So much goodness packed into it! My toddler loves it which I was surprised about. So easy to make and I keep it in batches in the freezer. My other favourites include Bliss Balls, the sweet potato savoury slice, the moorish chicken bites, buckwheat pancakes and my weekly staple now the seed loaf. And actually the list goes on! Sharon's recipes are all healthy using whole foods so I know what I'm making is good for my family. The best part for me is that most recipes are allergen friendly and Sharon will give substitution suggestions as well to replace allergens. I really do feel like my whole family is healthier from me making Sharon's recipes! Thank you Sharon! You've given me the motivation and support to cook and eat healthier!" Emily W.

Got a question?

What happens when I press ‘buy now’?
After your payment has been processed (which can take a few minutes) you’ll receive an email from me confirming your enrolment, your login details and how to access the course materials.

(PS – Haven’t received your confirmation email? Sometimes it might end up in your spam folder, but if it’s not there, shoot us an email on sharon (at) raisingbabieswithallergies (dot) com and we’ll get you sorted as soon as possible.)

I’m really busy over the next month… Should I wait ‘til later to do the program?
No. You’ve got lifetime access to the materials, so even if you can’t get through everything right now, you’ll be able to dip back in whenever you’ve got more time.

More importantly than that, however, my experience with mums has been that most are shocked at how much of a difference they can create in a relatively short time. So even if you can only implement some of the steps, or can only cook a couple of basic healing recipes to begin with, your child can be benefitting (and their little body growing stronger and healthier) even if you can’t go the “full hog” just yet.

How much time do I need to devote to the program?
The materials themselves take between 2 - 3 hours per week to go through. But the results come from implementing what you’ve learned in your normal cooking time and lifestyle habits. You’re already spending time doing this anyway…so now, you’ll just be doing things a little differently (and likely, more effectively), and with excitement and motivation.
I don’t live in Australia – can I still join?
Of course! Some of the brands and stores we recommend might only be available to Aussies and New Zealanders, but there’ll be plenty of online options and international resources too. Plus you can always jump into the online group to ask myself and your fellow mums for recommendations.
Am I going to be spending my life in the kitchen?
Absolutely not! If you’re unfamiliar with the cooking techniques we cover (such as slow cooking), it might take you a little extra time to get up to speed.

But once you’ve had a little practice, this way of feeding your child can be easily worked into your existing cooking time, and is a cinch to prepare in bulk or in advance.

Everything I share in this course, I did while raising a family of two boys (who are now 5 and 2 years, on a whole foods diet), managing a business, and still having time to watch my favourite reality shows (hello, The Bachelorette!).

What kind of allergies do you focus on?
All recipes cater for dairy and soy allergies. And even if you suspect your child isn’t intolerant, it’s a great idea to avoid these triggers during the initial phase of your journey, to see if you note any changes in your child’s health.

As an example, with my eldest son, I didn’t relate his recurring ear infections to a dairy intolerance. As soon as I removed it, however, the ear infections disappeared and never returned. His constant runny nose also cleared up and he got less bugs from day care, thanks to a stronger immune system.

You’ll also find plenty of information and recipes addressing all the other traditional allergens – including wheat, gluten, eggs and nuts. And if you suspect a sensitivity to other food groups like salicylates and aimines, there’s advice for you here too.

Of course, learning how to nourish your child while avoiding these foods is only half the goal of this program.

The real power comes when we take it to the next level and you learn how to HEAL your baby’s gut, so that eventually they can enjoy a wider variety of foods without discomfort or reaction.

I already know my baby has food allergies, and we’re on an elimination diet…isn’t that enough?
No. Elimination doesn’t heal, but nutrition does!

Elimination (for a period of time) and nutrition combined helped my son to overcome most of his sensitivities very early. Because I wanted his recovery to be as quick as possible (and didn’t want him to be on a severe restriction diet forever) I also looked at health holistically, finding the right practitioners, products, and supplements to accelerate his healing journey. With a deliberate healing regime, I was able to calm his overactive immune system and restore his gut lining, which is what led to his amazingly fast turnaround.

What if my baby is on medication for their allergies – can we still do the program?
Yes. Nothing in this program is designed to replace medical advice or treatment. And the principles you’ll find within can be complementary to a prescribed treatment program.

With my own baby, I chose to not put him on medication and instead pursued a nutritional approach to healing. While this worked wonders for us, every baby is different and it is no one’s business but your own what you do for your bub.

That said, if you’ve been unsatisfied with the medical approach to allergies and other health issues, or are not experiencing the kind of results you want, or simply want to cover all your bases so your child has the best possible chance of healing, this program will be of great value to you.

My child has allergies, but is older than a baby/toddler. Will this program still be useful for us?
Yes. It’s never too early or too late to start. While mums with young babies are covered, the whole program applies to children of all ages (adults too) – understanding a balanced diet, gut health, supplements, reducing the chemical load, eating out with allergies, etc are relevant for the whole family.  We also have recipes specifically for older children including, lunch boxes  and birthday party recipes. In particular, you’ll also find the expert interviews that tackle nutrition and holistic healing incredibly insightful for the whole family. This course is designed to grow with your family and thats the beauty of these carefully developed recipes and meal plans.
My kid already has a few health issues…have I left it too late to help them?
No way! We all have to start somewhere. I made a whole bunch of mistakes with my eldest, but I turned them around later in his life. There is no place for guilt either, we just didn’t know better.

That said, the sooner you can create a healthier lifestyle, and start filling them up with nourishing, healing foods, you can reduce – and possibly reverse – your child’s symptoms. You’re also putting them in a much stronger position to prevent issues from developing in the future. So from the bottom of my heart, please know: it’s never too late to make a big difference.

I already feel rushed off my feet… Is this really going to fit in with our busy lifestyle?
YES! I know how draining it can be to try to feed your child with foods that don’t make them sick, while ALSO trying to keep everyone else in the family fed, full, and happy… It can be exhausting!

The goal of everything in this program is to make your child healthier and your life easier.

So, for example: you’ll learn cooking techniques that will eventually become second nature. You’ll learn how to tweak one recipe a bunch of different ways. You’ll learn how to set yourself up for a healthy week with a simple ‘make-ahead session’… All of which is to say: I know what it’s like to be at breaking point, and this program is designed to work with your lifestyle and help you get back on your feet again. Promise. Its also so rewarding and you will feel so proud of yourself.  You also have to think where you want to spend your time. For me, investing time cooking nutritious meals outweighs endless hours waiting in a doctors office for another prescription or soothing an irritable child… And a healthy, happy kid actually makes motherhood enjoyable!

I’m pregnant and haven’t actually had my baby yet. Can I still join the program?
Absolutely, the timing is actually PERFECT. The principles you’ll find inside will help you prepare for breastfeeding (if that’s your chosen route) and teach you the principles of nourishing your bub with low-irritant, gut-friendly, vitamin- and mineral-rich foods. If you or a family member have suffered from allergies yourself, this will be particularly valuable for you, and can help you get your bub as robust and healthy as possible, right from the get-go. (I wish this type of program had been available when I was pregnant!)
Are you a doctor?
No. Nothing in this program is meant to replace the treatment and guidance of a qualified health professional. Please feel free to seek advice before signing up. And as with everything in life, please exercise common sense when implementing this program: if something doesn’t feel right for you or your child, don’t do it.  Always tune into your mother’s instincts.  It’s there for good reason. And that goes for any recommendations you are given by anyone!  The information in this course however is backed by practitioners and nutritionists.
Do you offer a guarantee?
I certainly do. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with the program, I’ll give you your money back – no fuss, and no questions asked. All I ask is that you watch the first 2 videos in Modules 1 and 2 so you know what you could be missing out on. If you're not completely in LOVE then simply email myself or a team member and we will process your refund immediately.  Just note we have had 0% requests for a refund and in fact the course has been rated 9.3 out of 10 for satisfaction and relevancy from the last round of mums.  

A special message to mums who feel like they don’t have enough time…

Let me just say, I’ve designed this program with you in mind (as that was and still is me).

There’s so much useful stuff in here, but there are three things in particular that will be lifesavers for you (and that I so wish I’d had access to when I was knee-deep in my son’s journey)…

100 allergy-friendly, nourishing recipes that your baby, toddler or child will love.

All in one place, so you don’t have to trawl Google for hours on end, or stress about your child getting enough nutrients.  Along the way you’ll also learn how to save yourself heaps of time and stress in the kitchen.


— Host a delicious allergy friendly birthday party (recipes and tips) including the best birthday cake kids and adults will love.

— Easy recipes to fermenting, cooking bone broths and delicious slow cooked casseroles designed to nourish and heal.

— Recipes perfect for outings, trips away and pre-school lunchboxes.


3 balanced meal plans, for 3 different stages of your child's (actually family's) life. 

So that you don’t even have to think about what to cook each day – it’s all there in front of you.

 Pantry lists, cheat sheets, buying guides, checklists and more. 

These super useful resources are like having a Cliff Notes version of the course. Can’t remember which brand of supplements is best? No worries – just print out my go-to checklist and pop it on your fridge. Unsure which additives are the nasty ones? Easy – just check my foolproof guide, then buy and eat with confidence.

The changes you’ll be making are so do-able, and will save you so much time, energy and stress in the long run. And, of course, I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

All of which is to say: You’ve got this. You can do this. And the second you start seeing the difference in your child’s health and mood? You’ll never look back and you’ll be one super proud mama-bear!

So to recap, all up you’re getting:

✓ 10 modules of content, guiding you through the process of how to feed, nourish and optimise your child’s health (Valued at US $150)

✓ 100 dairy-free nourishing allergy friendly recipes (including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) that sensitive babies and kids will enjoy. (Valued at US $23)

✓ 3 meal plans, to help you feed your child a well-balanced, allergy-free diet at various stages of growth (Valued at US $15 / priceless for sanity!)

✓ Comprehensive list of allergy-friendly pantry essentials, kitchen appliances, cooking guides, strategy and tip sheets (including recommended brands and where to buy them) (Valued at US $31)

✓ Approximately 10 hours of interviews with leading experts on everything from managing intolerances to optimising gut health, from immunity to supplements, and from creating a balanced diet despite restrictions to preparing yummy lunchboxes. (A private 1-hour consult with any of these practitioners is valued between US$145 – 295.) (Valued at US $1,920)

✓ Access to our beautiful, private Facebook community – a space filled with likeminded mums on the same journey as you (Valued at US $63/year… but really? Priceless.)

✓ Access to me (Sharon) through the Facebook community (Value: Priceless)

✓ PLUS Bonus cheat-sheets, trigger lists, swap sheets, and my signature allergy-friendly birthday party guide (Valued at US $31)

✓ The best ‘product swap’ options, tips and ideas throughout the course, so you don’t have to do any research on which products to buy or where to source them. (Valued at US $23)

✓ My little black book of resources to expand your learning (books, doco’s, etc.), so you can help your baby as much as possible. (Valued at US $23)

Total Value = US $2,240+

Yours for only $189 USD

Let your friends know about this course and do it together!

Processing ...

And finally, a personal note, from me to you…

I know how stressful, overwhelming and heartbreaking it can be to see your child miserable and not know why…

To obsess over every mouthful they eat, then feel like a terrible mother when you realise something’s slipped past their lips that’s causing them to react…

To have close family and friends tell you to ‘just relax – it’s only a rash!’

To feel like you’re spending your entire life obsessing over poos and rashes and ingredients lists…

If you’ve made it this far down the page, I’m betting you know those feelings well too.

So if you can relate, I just want to say to you: There IS hope. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. Things truly CAN improve. Whether you decide this program is right for you or not, please know that life will not always be this hard – and that’s a promise, from one mum to another.

You are doing a terrific job – the fact that you’re on this page reading about ways you can help your child speaks volumes about who you are as a woman and a mother.

So, I salute you.

If the idea of having a community, a support system, and a step-by-step plan appeals to you, I’d love to have you aboard the program and be your guide for this journey. And if not, I hope you stick around on the blog and we get to know each other that way.

Sending love to you and your family,